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When people outside of an English speaking country are learning English, it is kind of difficult for them to practice regularly; that’s the reason why I’d like to share some techniques to improve your speaking skills talking to yourself.


Why to talk to yourself


People who learn languages know this method way too much, they usually talk to themselves every day, the purpose is to help you to speak confidently when you have an opportunity to talk to an English speaker.

When you try this approach, you learn by yourself to use the vocabulary that you’ve learned; you can prepare some topics beforehand for future conversations as well, and at the same time you are working on your pronunciation.

One of my students from China who uses this method mentioned: “Since the last month I do it every day. I’ve been doing it already for a month. It’s becoming easier and easier for me to talk. I don’t have to struggle looking for words or sentences to express myself now.”


How to talk to yourself


There are different techniques that you can try, one of my favorites is to record my soliloquies or monologues. I love learning languages and I love to practice this way because I can play back my records and see how good it is my pronunciation.

Another technique is to talk to yourself in front of a mirror; I think this helps because you can work on your body language too, as you know every culture has its own body language, and you will have the sensation that you are talking to someone else.

And the last one, but not least, talk to yourself whenever you have some free time, it doesn’t matter where you are or if you have your Smartphone to record your voice.


What to talk about


There’s an endless list of topics that you can use, I’d like to mention some of them:

–  You could talk about your daily routine, what you did during the day.

–  Think how you could describe people and places, just look around and you’ll find some material to talk about.

–  Express your emotions and feelings, imagine that you are talking to a close friend.

– Imagine how you would give directions to get at some place.

–  Talk about the future, what you’re going to do next week, plan your events using English.

– If there’s a topic that is not easy for you because you don’t know how to express yourself, try to practice looking for the right expressions and take your time in order to become familiar with the information.


As you can see there are a lot of topics, you can talk to yourself using monologues or playing roles, you can imagine that you’re talking to someone else; please ,use topics for a real conversation, so when you have one you’ll be ready to talk about it.


How long you need to talk


Well, it doesn’t  matter, you can talk  10 minutes or 1 hour, just use the time you have available. The point is to practice daily in order that you can improve, after a while you’ll master this method and you’ll see how your English speaking skills improve.


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Do you feel shy and nervous when you speak English?

Are you afraid of making mistakes?

Can you read and listen to English, but you can’t speak confidently?


What you need to do before to start a conversation

-First of all, you need to learn to listen carefully in order to understand and reply correctly.


Do you usually have opportunities to talk to someone?

If that it’s the case, review what you already know and prepare in advance.

How can you prepare?


College Student Studying in Library


One way is thinking in advance about some topics that you could use.

I recommend that you read trendy topics in order to have material for future conversations.

(You can also check my other article: HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH CONVERSATION SKILLS)

Everyone feels shy and nervous, but some people learn how to handle it.

One of my suggestions is to be positive, based on my personal experience, when I’m under stress or I have negative thoughts or I’m down, my conversations skills are really really bad; I make a lot of mistakes. It is different when I feel very good, I try to do my best and I got better results.




How to speak confidently during the conversation

Once you had taken into account all the things that I mentioned above, you are ready to speak.

Break the ice, introduce yourself, smile and be friendly.




If the person is kind of shy, ask open questions to keep the conversation flowing

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, it is completely fine.

People will notice that you are not a native speaker and  they’ll try understand you.

Practice, practice and practice! This may be very difficult for a shy person, but you need to force yourself to speak every day. Don’t hide your thoughts in your head. If you have something to say, then speak out!

At the beginning will be really hard, but if you practice regularly you’ll start to learn from your mistakes.

This situation is very similar to work out.  When you start to go to the gym, the first days are really hard, but if you work out regularly, you’ll see great benefits.


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