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Is it difficult for you to learn English regularly?

Would you like to speak English fluently, but you don’t feel motivated?

Do you get bored easily trying to learn English?


Today I’d like to share with you guys some tips about how you can stay motivated learning English as a second language.


Learn about things you like


It’s very important that you enjoy the learning process, because if you get bored you won’t learn anything.

Think about your interests: sports, food, books, etc.

For example, if you enjoy cooking, you can learn vocabulary about food in order that you can express yourself natural and confident when you talk about this kind of topic that is familiar for you.


Take a break


Now that you are learning things you like, it is normal to get bored sometimes, that’s why you need to take a break.

I try to keep learning Portuguese reading books or articles I like, but when I get bored, I watch a movie, listen to music, etc. The key is to keep learning doing different things.

Sometimes I get bored as well, so I take a break and come back the next day to learn.

I try to learn regularly because if I stop my routine, the learning process will be slower.


Set small goals


If you’d like to speak English fluently, first you have to know that  you need to take small steps to get there.

When you are familiar with the vocabulary related to your daily activities, you learn to speak fluent and confident.

Please, pick up a topic that you would like to master and learn everything about that; it could be about your work, hobbies, transportation, etc. Once you mastered a topic, choose another one and so on.

After a while you’ll see how your English improves and you’ll speak fluent and confident.


Don’t give up


Some people start learning a language very motivated, but after a while they give up, because they notice that when they want to talk they make mistakes. Please don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Many ESL students are good at reading, but they are not able to speak, your main goal should be speaking fluently.

Learn from your mistakes, learning a language is about making mistakes. The more you practice that more learn to speak correctly.

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Hello, everybody!

Today, I’d like to talk about how you can improve your English conversation skills making polite requests.

It isn’t nice to give orders in English; if you don’t use polite expressions people will think that you are rude. So, if you’d like to ask something you need to be polite and people will respond in the same way.

I’m going to share with you some expressions that you can use in any situation, but especially in business situations.


 Polite requests



Please …

Could you please…?

Would you …?

Can you …?   It’s not a very polite expression as “could you”; it’s kind of casual.

Would you mind …?  This is a very special expression. For example when someone ask you, “Would you mind opening the window?” what he is really  trying to say is, “Do you have any objection in opening the window?”.  So the answer should be “No, no problem, I’ll open the window”. Please notice that if you use the expression “would you mind”, the verb that you are going to use has to be infinitive.

Examples:  Would you mind turning on the lights?

Would you mind taking this book back for me?

Positive Response
No, not at all.
Of course not.

Negative response:
Yes, I would.



Now, let’s see how you can use these expressions in real situations.



Could you please sign this form?

Would you fill out this form?



Please, bring us some water.

Could you please bring us another bottle of wine?



Could you please send them an email?

Would you mind sending them a letter?



Could you please send me some towels to my room?

Would you send me some towels to my room?



I can barely hear you; could you please speak a little louder?



Could you please close the door?

Would you mind turning off the TV?


Remember next time when you are making a request to use these polite expressions, and it’ll help you to improve your English conversation skills, and you’ll have pleasant experiences.




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Is it difficult for you to write an article in English?

Do you think that your English grammar is not so good?

Would you like to become an excellent English writer?


Don’t worry, you came to the right place, I’m going to provide you with some good tips to improve your English writing skills, let’s start!


Write, write and write



If you would like to improve your writing skills, you need to write every day.

What should you write about?

Well, it’s all up to you, I recommend that you write about the things that you like and you do.

It could be about the family, friends, work, hobbies, etc

You don’t have to write long articles, to start with, you can write one or two paragraphs of 100 words or more, later you can start writing more paragraphs.


Read and learn new vocabulary


If you want to write great articles, you need to read every day and keep learning new vocabulary.

Pay attention to the way how native speakers write and how you can imitate them. If you put on practice these tips your writing will become sophisticated and professional.


How to improve your grammar


If your grammar skills are still not so good, pick up a grammar book and read it every day, you’ll be amazed by what you learn every day.


Edit your writing


If you type on your computer, you have some advantages, because you can edit your writing using MS word, after you carefully edit your writing ask a friend to check it out.


The more you work on your writing skills the more you’ll improve.


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Would you like to improve your English, but you don’t have time to take a regular course?

Would you like to have some guide and support to help you speak confidently?

Are you sick and tired of spending years studying grammar, how to read and write in English, but you still have trouble listening and speaking?

Did your former English teachers fail by not providing you with the enough English practice?

I have been taking apart the English learning process and helping people who have been struggling with that for a long time.

We learned to speak our mother tongue listening and speaking, as you can see these skills are very important when we learn a second language too.

Everyone can learn to speak any language fluently with the right tools and methods.

Why do I call myself a coach?


Teachers usually use text books to teach and they don’t take into account the knowledge and capabilities of every student.

A coach will take into account every aspect when it comes to your English skills, even your personality; we set goals based on your needs and what you want to learn.


Please forget of the regular teaching process, (teach, teach, test) my clients don’t like to work like that.The generic aspect of teaching has been designed to teach groups of people and not individuals to have a general knowledge of the language, that’s why my clients come to me because they need personal assistance.

I do not use the same approach with everybody because every person has his own strong and weak points.


Why to study English online


You’ll have a private tutor helping you in any aspect you need direction.

To learn to speak a second language fluently and faster, you must speak, speak and speak.

The sessions are in full English, you’ll have unique opportunities for intensive practice.

It is really different when you take a course in a classroom, because there are many students and you are not able to work on your speaking skills.

You can also ask to practice only what you would like to learn.

My philosophy is simple but useful: Enjoy the learning process doing what you like.

If you study online from your home, you’ll save time and energy avoiding the problem of transportation.

Nowadays, there are many tools available on the internet, and an English coach will be able to provide you with the information and guide you need to speak English faster.


We can work on:

-Conversation skills building

-Idioms and phrasal verbs

-Pronunciation and accent reduction

-Business English or any aspect that you would like to improve.




What you need


-A headset for the best sound quality.

-A computer (you could study using your Smartphone, but in order to   use the material that I’ll provide you with, it’s better to use a      computer)

-Intermediate or advanced English

-A strong desired, time and energy to invest in the learning process.

-Please, add me on:

Skype:  thebestenglishcoach

QQ messager: 2118187452

Wechat: apocalypticboy

Email: thebestenglishcoach@gmail.com



Important information that you need to know

-I usually Charge US$10.00 per hour for every single lesson.

-Once you pay $120.00 monthly, you’ll have at least 3  sessions a week.

-The payments are made in advance through PayPal.

-My time zone is UTC/GMT -6 hours

I have flexible schedules, you can pick up the hours and days that are better for you.


We can work on anything that you would like to fix about  your speaking and listening skills in order that you can speak fluent. I won’t give up on you, please keep going; you can learn how to speak confident and fluent.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!