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Today’s article is about how you can learn new words and phrases in an efficient way. I know that sometimes it could be very overwhelming trying to learn many words, that’s why I decided to write about it and share some of my techniques with you guys.

Read a lot


The best way to add new words to your vocabulary is to read every day.

What do you need to read?

Everything and anything, my philosophy is to enjoy the learning process, that’s the reason I pick up books, newspapers or magazines that I like to read.

Is there any movie that you like based on a novel? Then, read the novel.  Take my case as an example, I recently started to read The Hunger Games novel, that’s my new guilty pleasure.

What kind of words do you have to learn?

Well, that’s a personal decision. Would you like to speak in a formal way? Or would you like to speak more like a common person? Do you need to learn vocabulary based on your work or interests?

Once you have made this choice, we can go to the next step.

Write a lot

You have many options to practice, for example:

– You can create a blog and write about your learning process or your interests.

– To send emails.

-To send SMS.

– To comment on other blogs.

– To chat with your friends on the social networks in English.



If you read and write every day you’ll improve in a great way.

Tips to collect your vocabulary

Pick up a  book, it doesn’t matter if it is a physical book or a digital one.


I don’t have anything against the physical books, but I prefer to read the digital ones, and I have a reason why I do that.

When I’m reading a book on my laptop or tablet, I select the word or phrase that I don’t know and I google it.

There is something important that you need to do TO USE AN ENGLISH DICTIONARY.

Please, forget about the dictionaries that translate words into your native language.

Here you have some online dictionaries.


I personally love to use the Cambridge dictionary, because it shows the American and British pronunciation.

When you use an English dictionary, you learn new words, one thing leads to another.

When it is hard to grasp the meaning I compare the word with its synonyms and antonyms, but if after that I don’t get it, I google it again and look for images to understand what it’s about.

Many people still prefer the physical books and there is nothing bad with that, but at the same time you need to pick up a good dictionary.

One of my Chinese friends and student prefers to use the Longman dictionary of contemporary English, because it’s easy to understand.

You may collect like 5 words or 2 or 3 phrases, don’t stress yourself, and think about how many words you can learn every day.

Don’t learn isolate words, learn them with their context. When I find a word in an expression that I could use, I write down the whole sentence and think of ways to use it.

It’s very useful to write down examples of how to apply them in a real conversation. That’s why you need to choose words that you’ll be using, common words.

Classify your vocabulary

Once you have collected your material, you need to separate it.

What I do is to create folders and save them on my Smartphone and computer, these devices are always with me. I usually spend some minutes a day to study these words.

I’ve created folders for “words I need to learn” and “words I learned”.

You can classify them better than me, ha ha.


Some people use physical flash cards.

I take screenshots of the stuff I want to learn and save them in my folders.


Use it or lose it

Once you got everything you need, every time you have a conversation with an English speaker try to use your new vocabulary right away.

What about if you don’t remember anything?

Relax!  Just check your Smartphone or notebook, and use the material that you have been studying.

iStock_000016887358_Small fff

This is very important, because if you are following all the process to learn these things and you don’t use them, it’s pointless, you’ll forget them very soon.

Something that I’d like to add is that when you have a conversation and you listen to a new word, you can add it to your files, study it and use it as well. It is the same  process when you watch a movie or a TV Show, you can pick up some vocabulary.

These were just some good tips and suggestions that I wanted to share, hope you liked them.

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